To put it bluntly, in Birmingham, they just don't give a fuck. A city
once known as "the workshop of the world," all you have to do is read
a list of its musical exports to get a sense of where it is now: The
Moody Blues, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Napalm Death, UB40. Every
single one of them running away from something.

The same goes for Birmingham's techno scene, which effectively began
in 1993 with the first House of God party. The event was running away
from every other electronic party it had known. According to
HoG founder, Chris Wishart, the unpretentious vibe was a reaction
to "posey house nights" with "dress restrictions and snotty attitude,
or Brit hardcore nights that had great music but were downright scary,
guns and all that."

Which meant that a HoG party had the ravers, the punks, the hippies and
the everything-in-between, all dancing to some of the most unrelenting
techno that the UK had to offer. DJs and producers like Surgeon, Regis,
James Ruskin, Neil Landstrumm, Sir Real, Paul Damage and Nicky B brought
the pain, many of them going on to bigger things as a result of the
reputation garnered at HoG.

This month's promo mix is from Derek Plaslaiko, who has put together a
tape that he'd want to slip to the boys behind House of God in 1996.
He's chosen this particular year musically because of a certain Surgeon track,
but we couldn't think of a better choice for him stylistically: As a
resident at New York's Bunker party, he knows a little
bit about building something real in a town full of pose.

For more information about the still-active House of God party, be sure to visit their MySpace.