We TM - Birimbau (Asphodel)
Sub Dub - Dancehall Malfunction (Asphodel)
Lull - Stream Endless (Sentrax)
Coil vs. ELpH - Crawling Spirit (Eskaton)
Scorn - Flick (Invisible)
Lustmord - Amok (Dark Vinyl)
DJ Spooky - The Terran Invasion (Asphodel)
DJ Spooky - Soon Forward (Asphodel)
Jim O'Rourke - Purge (Isomorphic)
Silence - Heaven (Fax +49-69/450464)
Equations Of Eternity - Magamat (WordSound)
Labradford - Air-Lubricated Free Axis Trainer (Virgin)
PGR - Pythagorean Sea (Silent)
Flying Saucer Attack - Rainstorm Blues (Drag City)
Thessalonians - Liquid Legs (Silent)
Pierrot Premier - Orange Clouds Over Battery Park (Home Entertainment)
Porter Ricks vs. Techno Animal - Hydrazoid (Force Inc.)
Harold Budd / Elizabeth Fraser / Robin Guthrie / Simon Raymonde - Ooze Out And Away, Onehow (4AD)
We TM - Chinatown Dub (Asphodel)
Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor - Better Things (Moving Dub) (Astralwerks)
Sub Dub - oaxaca (Asphodel)
Erinys - Unknown
Single Cell Orchestra - Transmit Liberation (Asphodel)
We TM - You (Asphodel)
We TM - Flutesque (Asphodel)
Scorn - Light Trap (Earache)
Lull - Open Closed Apart (Sentrax)
DJ Spooky - Thoughts Like Rain (Asphodel)
Dead Can Dance - Musica Eternal (4AD)
PGR - Cage (Silent)
Byzar - Subtyranya (Asphodel)
DJ Spooky - Juba (Asphodel)
We TM - Second Hand Science (WordSound)
PGR - Floods and Chairs (Silent)
Labradford - C of People (Kranky)
Paul Bowles - Baptism Of Solitude (Meta)
Experimental Audio Research - The Calm Before (Big Cat)
Air - Travelling Without Moving (Trip 9) (Ambient World)
Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing (Lovely Music, Ltd.)
Dead Voices on Air - Vuls (Hypnotic)
Erinys - Subvocal (Tesco Organisation)
Equations Of Eternity - Set Rising (WordSound)
The Three Lives Of Thomasina
Lustmord - The Words of Voice (Dark Vinyl)
Tactile - Intervention 2 - Tactile Vs. O (Rawkus)
Tactile - Intervention 6 - Tactile Vs. Solaris (Rawkus)
Yab Yum - Trephine (Home Entertainment)
We TM - Transient Scratch (Asphodel)
Carborundum X - Float (White Buffalo Rec. NYC)
Spacemen 3 - Transparent Radiation (Forced Exposure)
Porter Ricks vs. Techno Animal - Anthrazite (Force Inc.)
King Tubby - Dub Fi Gwan (Blood & Fire)
Scorn - Exodus (Earache)
Simon Wickham-Smith / Richard Youngs - More Urban Music For The Middle Of Nowhere (Majora)
Happy Flowers - Accident (Homestead Records)
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (Westbound)
P. Children - Reverse Pool (RRRecords)
Harold Budd - Totems of the Red-Sleeved Warrior (Opal Records)
The Aloof - Too High (Flaw Recordings)
Tele:Funken / Flying Saucer Attack - Part One (Drag City)
NON - God and Beast (Mute)
Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor - Protection (Radiation Ruling The Nation)(Astralwerks)
Fluessige Luft - A Day in a UFO (Home Entertainment)
Tactile - Intervention 4 - Tactile Vs. Scorn (Rawkus)
Walter Carlos - Singing in the Rain (CBS)
P. Children - Aura 7 (RRRecords)
Happy Flowers - I Wanna Watch Cartoons (Homestead)
Tactile - Caged Light (Rawkus)
Blind Idiot God - Raining Dub (SST)
Byzar - Rakta (Asphodel)
Transglobal Undeground - Ana (Mondo Rhythmica)
Patty Duke - Love How You Love Me
Erinys - Tabes (Insofar Vapor Bulk)
The Clash - Lose This Skin (Columbia)