Seminal is a word bandied about far too often these days.
For Mannheim's HD800, however, the label fits.
Dirk Mantei's party was the inspiration that launched a thousand ships:
Move D, Alex Cortex, Lopazz and nd_baumecker are only
a few of the names that were residents or attended the night on a regular basis.
And they're only a few of the names that went on
to create music directly linked to what they heard there.

Muted electro is one way of putting it. A sort of classy take
on the genre that finds worth not in the possibilities of
out-of-control oscillations, but instead in the hypnotic power
of the squelch. Especially when matched with dub techno maneuvers.
Autechre was a key influence. (Mantei famously brought the duo in for a
show, an event that looms large in the mind of this month's mixer.)

Like a lot of great parties, what happened after the party was
just as important. Moved by the music they heard each time
around, some of the participants would go directly into the studio
to figure out their next move. Mantei's 800trak imprint, Lopazz's
800 Achtspur and Move D's "HD 800" are only the obvious ones.

This month's promo mix is from Roger 23, who has put together
a mix that he knows probably better than just about anyone would
have gone down well at HD800 in 1998. Roger played the party a few times
in both of its locations, and was part of the circle of DJs and producers
irrevocably transformed by Mantei's vision.