Edinburgh's a town of transients and tourists. No one actually
lives in Edinburgh. They're just passing through.
It doesn't make for much of a music scene, to be honest.
In the mid-'90s, though, something clicked. The city was vibrant:
Techno, house, Trainspotting. The latter is what everyone remembers.
The middle one is something that's finally hitting more than a decade
later, courtesy of Fudge Fingas, Linkwood and the Firecracker label.

The first one, however, is largely forgotten. Nonetheless, two clubs
hosted some of the world's most famous techno DJs to packed crowds, ravers
that pushed for harder, more abrasive sounds. Sativa and Pure. Pure and Sativa.
Clubs that many felt stood in opposition to one another, and yet probably
had more in common than either would care to admit.

Pure was the cultured club. The place where the international DJs made
their Edinburgh debut. Hawtin, May, Mills. It was hard. But soft.
Especially compared to Sativa, the bare-knuckle brawler.
Sativa was the home to the crusties. The place where you might
hear some gabber if you weren't careful. Cristian Vogel,
Neil Landstrumm and Dave Tarrida found their way here.

This month's promo mix is two promo mixes. One for Sativa and
one for Pure. Both are from Patrick Walker. The Edinburgh native
claims a bit more allegiance to one of these clubs, but we'd
never tip his hand. And it hardly matters anyway. What we have are
two mixes that simply celebrate techno from a DJ who cut his teeth at both.

Flyer credit: Neil Landstrumm's extraordinary archive at