Low Key - Rainforest (Serious Grooves)
Chez Damier & Ralph Lawson - A Dedication To Joss (Serious Grooves/KMS)
Da Rebels - Sexcapade (Clubhouse)
Black Rascals - For The Next Time (Moody Mood) (Smack)
Master & CJ - In The City (State Street)
Romanthony - Falling from Grace (Murk Remix) (Paramodo)
Rozlyne Clarke - Eddy Steady Go (Atlantic)
D-Rail - Bring It On Drums (DDD)
The Toy Factory - Thinking About You (Random Access Records)
Underground Hop - The Creator (Bass Boy Records)
Santonio - Images (Santonio Mix) (Express Records)
Mission Control - Outta Limits (Deep South)
Subculture feat. Markus - The Voyage (Strobe Records)
Tony G - Tony's Song (Micmac)
Paradise Deep Groove - I Love (E Legal)
Egotrip - Dreamworld (R.E.M. Beats) (Outer limits)
Virgo - Do You Know Who You Are (Vocal Mix) (Radikal Records)
Don Carlos - Mediterraneo (Calypso Records)
Midi, Maxi & Efti - Bad Bad Boys (Shadowzone Dub) (Columbia)
Black Rascals - Blaze Theme Track (Sumo Records)