Where to begin, except to say that Berlin's Tresor may just have been one
of the most influential clubs in the history of techno. Overstatement?
Perhaps. But where else did Detroit meet Berlin so obviously head-on,
shaping the hearts, minds and (most importantly) the ears of a generation?

It's where two hardened cultures met in a dank basement to dance as hard
as possible to the hardest techno available. And then, when they couldn't
find techno hard enough to satisfy those who went to the club, they
simply created their own label to commission it.

What's remarkable about it all, though, is that it never quite spilled over into
parody. Behind nearly everything was a dedication to the art of techno, rather
than the simple desire to push things faster than ever before. Jeff Mills,
Blake Baxter, Robert Hood, Regis, Surgeon. There's groove in them thar beats.

Silent Servant knows this well.
His mix for Dimitri Hegemann and his bookers takes those legendary artists
as a jumping off point, crafting a journey he hopes that would have landed
him a gig in techno's most famous underground vault.