Yes, OK, sure. The black images are a bit of a joke. Berghain has been photographed,
despite its well-documented interest in not being photographed. And that's fine.
But it's still a point worth making. Because no other (popular) nightclub in the 21st
century has avoided the 21st century in quite the same way as Europe's premiere nightclub.
And that, it must be said, is worth commendation in itself.

That it's also produced some of Germany's finest techno in recent years is no small feat
either. It's of course due to the unfailing, unflagging dedication of its residents,
who push an agenda that is somehow as disciplined as it is wide-ranging. Talk to Ben
Klock and Marcel Dettmann and they'll let you know how freeing the club is. Listen to
them at the club at the right time, and you'll get a lesson in Belgian New Beat.
Listen to them at the club at the right time, and you'll wonder if the techno never ends.

The techno doesn't, in a way. And that's something that Don Williams, a fellow Berlin
resident understands. For his promo mix -- our first actual, honest-to-god promo mix
-- he sent in something that he sent over to Berghain in 2005, hoping to gain a regular
gig at the place. In Don Williams' words, it's "actually the original demo mix which
was sent to the Berghain in October's what techno felt like from 1995 to
2005 for me in Berlin."

Well then.