Ecstasy is pretty wonderful stuff, as a bunch of English people found out
during the late '80s. The stuff never really took off completely in the
States, however. Except for one little club in Dallas, Texas, which served
as an unlikely cultural outpost smack dab in the middle of the United States.

They say they do it bigger in Texas, so maybe that's why Frenchman Phillippe
Starck was called into design the nightclub of Dallas businessman Blake
Woodall's dreams. How Stevie Nicks came to invest and Grace Jones came to
perform is anyone's guess. Why it became the hangout for celebrity musicians
traveling through Dallas after that is pretty damn obvious.

The music wasn't bad either. Rick Squillante pushed a forward-thinking agenda,
blending genres like any DJ of the time might -- but doing it in such a seamless
way that you wondered if they were that different at all. What we have here,
however, is no such mix. Bristol's October has set his sights on one particular
vibe, even bringing in a new track or two that sounds reminiscent of the
(slightly more than a) decade of time that he's chosen to reflect.